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Mappa Mundi is a series of digital image prints that are inspired by Vicki McConville's travels in Australia, Italy and Ireland. They explore her enduring interest in the human form and the link between identity and place.
Initiated as a photographic series in 1995, the photo images originated in Australia's Mungo National Park desert where 'Mungo Woman' ( an Australian Indigenous woman's skeleton estimated to be over 30,000 years old) were found.
Subsequent images were taken whilst Vicki McConville researched her own cultural heritage (Swiss Italian/Ticino and Irish/Celtic) in Bellinzona, Switzerland and at Lake Como in Italy and Rathfriland and Galway in Ireland.
Each print is composed of digital image manipulations of large scale mixed media panels.
The large scale panels were created by hand rendered paintings, collaging photocopies and digital images overlayed with pastel, natural ochres, acrylic paint and shellac.
In reference to being a 'Fourth Generation Australian', Vicki McConville created a series of prints from the large panels. By the time the prints were created, the original photographic works had been 'manipulated' over four generations of different media processes.
In 1997 the original panels and prints were exhibited at Grand Central Gallery in Melbourne under the exhibition title 'It's a Copy .. Right?”
The Mappa Mundi suite of images was later exhibited as part of the Prints Without Borders exhibition in Slovenia, Galleria Zero in Barcelona, Spain, Castlemaine State Festival, the Australia Felix Exhibition, at the artists own gallery, Artsville, near Castlemaine, and at the Convent Gallery in Daylesford, Australia.