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The Installation / Exhibition:

The Open For Inspection mixed media panels and ‘totem’ poles began as a series of small collages created when Vicki McConville lived in Europe in the mid to late 1980’s.

The small A4 collages began by assembling cartoons, postcards, maps, sweet wrappers, tin prayer plates, news paper stories of the day and personal memorabilia.

During the same period, Vicki McConville read numerous crime novels and became intrigued by the concept of the ‘who dunnit’ and its relationship to art research and its link to the ambiguous relationship of authorship within post modern art.

The collages evolved into a series of larger scale works that incorporated personal images, icons and soundtracks.

Open For Inspection was installed as part of the Domain of the Other exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria in 1994 and later at the Grand Central Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.